Ahmad Anonimis Reappears From The Shadows on “Grove”

    Atlanta’s Ahmad Anonimis recently dropped off his latest single, “Grove,” an early preview of his long-awaited sophomore release, SNUG. Staying true to his name, Ahmad Anonimis continues to remain to be a mystery. But every time that he reappears from the shadows, you can always guarantee that he’ll be back with a new and improved version of his sound.

    When asked about the inspiration behind “Grove” and what the track means to him, Anonimis shared, “‘Grove’ is about me escaping from the reality of everyday life and ducking off in the woods somewhere. That’s pretty much the jist, a chill-ass song about going to a chill spot.”

    For Ahmad Anonimis, “Grove” represents being able to come to terms when it’s time to change up your scenery. If there’s anything that you can take away from this track, there’s truth in the statement, “seclusion inspires greatness.”

    Listen to “Grove” below.


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