Ahmir Shares Incredible, Very Personal Debut Album ‘Timeless’

    Representing the Queen City to the fullest, Ahmir doesn’t restrict himself to one narrative while rapping, and this distinctive sound can be heard on his impressive debut album “Timeless.” At 18-songs, the project spans 44 minutes and provides insight into Ahmir’s tiresome pursuit of happiness and success.

    “Timeless” opens with an intro track that helps serve as a summary of the rest of the album to follow. Ahmir’s introspection approach deals with rough moments in his life, but the whole project serves as an anthem for victory. Songs like “Questions” and the Mavi-assisted “Love?” allow Ahmir to be vulnerable and open up about his failed attempts to find joy through other people and failed relationships.

    By the time you reach “Til The Casket” And “Timeless (Outro),” Ahmir goes from wallowing in his sadness to reclaiming his truth and confidence. He conveys a confident spirit while acknowledging that he still has a long way to go. In its entirety, “Timeless” hits hard in the underground circuit hands down, and Ahmir can only go up from here.

    Stream “Timeless” down below.


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