Airplane James Reintroduces Himself With “Still Hurt”

    Airplane James, a rising rapper from the east side of South Central Los Angeles, is not your typical artist from the city, and he embraces this fact. His unique sound and style have earned him a dedicated following, with fans raving about his hit songs like “90003” and “Impress Me.” Having tirelessly been working to become one of the greatest to do it, he kicks off the new year with a new project, Still Hurt, which serves as a follow-up to his successful project Lowkey Hurt, released last April.

    Executive produced by Bryant “Fastlane” Lawson, Still Hurt features appearances by Rose Gold, Kay Franklin, Jayson Cash, and Griff Tyler. Carefully crafted over a 3-4 month period with his producer, SOUNDSLIKETC, and his manager Milli, the 8-song project showcases James’ unmatched lyrical abilities and raw vulnerability. James also mentioned that during the production of this project, he took extra time to re-cut records and collaborated with Rose Gold to help him with his vocals. He took singing seriously and respected the integrity of the process.

    When discussing the release of Still Hurt, James shared, “when I decided to do the Lowkey Hurt project last year, I knew I wanted to make it a trilogy, so from the beginning, Still Hurt was the next in line.” With Still Hurt, Airplane James has crafted a project that reflects his personal growth and will resonate with listeners while helping them navigate their own struggles. “I want listeners to walk away with a clear picture of who Airplane James is and what I represent. Also, give yourself grace and forgive yourself,” he added.

    Listen to Still Hurt below.


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