Al-Doms Delivers New Video For ‘Tic Toc’


Today we see the freshest drop of Al-Doms’, a sonic depiction of the rapper’s presence; his understanding of what this means and vision for where it’s taking him. A demonstrative track meshed with the rhythmic sentiment fuelling his creations.

The song opens with a thrashing beat, produced by bennygotbass and the vocal requirement that you listen to the Norfolk, VA lyricist. A demand maintained throughout the track. Al-Doms’ charismatic chants notify us of his essence in Tic Toc. He recognizes the inevitability of those seeing him and ultimately, knowing what’s up.

The track is paired with a classically shot video, directed by Aaron Dee. Black and white, heightening the narrative of Tic Toc; with shots of his grill laced teeth and drops of notably rich character markers, Tic Toc is as much a statement as it is a track.

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