Al-Doms Impresses Again With “SINCERELY”

    Though it seems like this year has seen headlines dominated by hip-hop heavyweights, anybody with their ear to the ground can tell you that the culture has been kept alive by the genre’s rising acts. No matter what side of the hip-hop spectrum you may be more aligned with, Al-Doms is one of those artists that provides a little something for every music fan. Following an explosive year of singles, the Virginia rapper keeps his foot on the gas as he delivers his new nepaondabeat and cobalii-produced single, ‘SINCERELY.’

    Known for putting on a lyrical clinic every time he steps in front of the mic, Al-Doms took a different approach to this record — but don’t get it confused; although there is a shift in sentiment, Doms’ potent lyrics are as strong as ever. “‘SINCERELY’ is probably one of my favorite songs/verses I’ve written because of how straightforward and vulnerable I allowed myself to be. Which is always a funny battle for a n*gga because I’m naturally reserved and private, so whenever I’m in the mood to open up or be seen, I try to lean into it,” he shared with us about the record.

    Accompanying the song is an Aaron Dee-directed video that captures the same element of the track. The solo shot visuals of Al-Doms help communicate the tender light of ‘SINCERELY.’ The entire concept of the track and video demonstrates the journey of Al-Doms. A navigation through triumph and tribulation.

    Al-Doms is bringing a different perspective and style to hip-hop that is entirely his own, and ‘SINCERELY’ is a powerful track that showcases not only his talent but the inner workings of his personality. Stream the new single below, and make sure to check out the video above.


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