Al-Doms Kicks off His 2022 Campaign With ‘APPARENT’ and Pairs It With a Fiery New Visual

    Some time has gone by since Al-Doms released his stellar project, ‘NEW DREAM,’ in March of last year. Since its release, we’ve seen the Norfolk, VA native rise quickly through the ranks, dropping visuals for ‘BFF’ and ‘Mr. Perfect Freestyle,’ which received high praise from WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley. ‘TIC TOC’ was utilized in Fox’s comedy ‘The Big Leap,’ and a major co-sign from the legend Pusha-T himself are a few highlights to Al-Doms 2021 that are catapulting him into the limelight as one of Virginia’s brightest emerging names.

    He kicks off his 2022 campaign with a remarkable, fast-moving single titled ‘APPARENT.’ Produced by Bijan Amir, the record is seemingly a PSA; Doms boastfully reminds us he is on another level.

    “Breathing in my presence is a right that you should cherish”

    -Al-Doms via New Single, ‘APPARENT’

    ‘APPARENT’ is accompanied by a stunning lyric video you can watch below. It’s “apparent” that Al-Doms is officially back and ready to provide us with more great music as we enter the summer and second half of the year. Be sure to check out his new single ‘APPARENT’ and follow him to keep up with what’s to come.


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