Alley Rocket Elevates Out the Atmosphere on “Pacific Standard”

    For some time now, Alley Rocket (aka Geechie God) has shown his individuality and how he’s different from your average artist. The New Jersey-based rapper ended 2022 on quite a high note with his charming EP Aux Cord. So it was very much expected he would keep that same energy on his newly released single, “Pacific Standard.”

    This flashy song points out that Alley Rocket has an elevated lifestyle, and with that comes an elevation in his artistry. It’s kind of poetic that this track was released on the same day as his birthday. Mainly due to the celebratory vibe it has. That has to be enjoyable to drop something so inspirational, which reassures your purpose on the day you were born.

    When it comes to his lyrical style, Alley Rocket effortlessly glides over the beat as if he’s weightless and walking on air. He maintains and builds a steady momentum throughout the track, much like a plane on the runway. By the song’s end, he reaches his peak performance and is operating at maximum power. This display of confidence and assertiveness is exactly what one wants to see from a rapper. How he presents himself and his abilities leaves no doubt in the listener’s mind that he is a seasoned and capable artist.

    Listen to “Pacific Standard” below.


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