Aloe Fm is Crafting Unique Sounds Inspired by His Hometown on “WATeR YOUR PLANtS”

    In the vibrant landscape of east-coast alternative R&B, Aloe Fm emerges as a distinctive artist, weaving the hypnotic rhythms of Baltimore club music with a DIY ethos. Drawing inspiration from internet-age influencers like Odd Future and Isaiah Rashad, Aloe Fm has carved a unique niche for himself, and his latest EP, WATeR YOUR PLANtS, introduces listeners to his sound.

    Aloe Fm takes a hands-on approach to his music, much like the pioneers of the internet era. Armed with just a microphone, a pop filter, and unwavering determination, he crafts most of his music in the intimate confines of his room. He describes his journey, saying, “I’ve been recording a lot of my music in my room by myself, just trying shit out on GarageBand.” However, Aloe Fm is now looking to expand his horizons by seeking more studio collaborations and experimenting with new sounds.

    This EP does a nice job of displaying Aloe Fm’s talent and versatility. With only one feature from Chase Shakur on the track “Olivias Riddim,” the EP predominantly showcases Aloe’s musical prowess. Throughout the project, he draws inspiration from artists like Earl Sweatshirt, Knxwledge, MIKE, and Mavi, but his approach melds underground hip-hop elements with R&B vibes. He explains, “There’s a certain texture that I appreciate in their music that I enjoy. There’s always a message behind the fuzzy instrumentals and loops, and artists like them always have something to tell me musically. I’ve been trying to mix that underground hip-hop sound with R&B, and this latest EP is another step in that direction.”

    In its entirety, WATeR YOUR PLANtS encapsulates the smooth and crisp textures that define Aloe Fm’s music while also pushing the boundaries of his creativity. Each track is a unique exploration of new ideas and perspectives, inviting listeners to delve into the world of Aloe Fm and experience his genre-blurring sound. As he continues to evolve and collaborate with fellow artists, Aloe FM’s music promises to remain an exciting journey of sonic exploration.

    Listen to WATeR YOUR PLANtS below.


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