Alternative R&B Singer/Songwriter RealLife is Tried and True

    Alternative R&B Singer/Songwriter RealLife is tried and true. Written and performed by RealLife, Tried is the singer’s vulnerable self-reflection about the dark challenges of a toxic relationship. Powerful lyricism sung over the woozy electric guitar accompanied by the melodic and dreamy woes give this track a hypnotic ambiance you can’t resist.

    The Seattle native brings an eclectic blend of “in-your-face” Grunge-like lyrics with the harmonious sound of R&B from the past, to create a unique and cinematic world for the listener.

    His voice carries an emotionally gripping edge that is raw and soulful. RealLife’s debut came in 2016 with a cover of the song “Exchange” by Bryson Tiller. A cover which has tallied almost half-million streams to date to go with nearly a million total SoundCloud streams. After 2 EP’s and multiple singles, Real is leveling up and poised to wreak havoc.


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