Amal Zenab Pours Her Heart Out on “Safe ‘n Sound” EP

    New York R&B singer-songwriter/bassist Amal Zenab is bringing back the excitement missing in R&B. She effortlessly fills the gap by embodying an artist who approaches each release with genuine care and purpose. Her latest EP, Safe ‘n Sound is an enchanting 4-song offering with a runtime of 9 minutes, and she truly makes every second count.

    Produced entirely by Nathan Bajar, the R&B songstress reintroduces herself with her most vulnerable work to date. If there was ever the perfect opportunity to get familiar, now is the time. This EP is the perfect blend of neo-soul, funk, and alternative and strongly affirms her forthcoming dominance in the industry.

    The opening track, “Ride” prepares you for the unmatched spiritual experience that this EP takes you on. Zenab’s sweet vocals add to the warm atmosphere of the song. The standout track for me is “August 10th,” as Zenab pairs her silky voice with neo-soul singer Maiya Blaney. Both of their rich voices maximize the angelic essence that this song contains.

    Speaking on the EP, Amal Zenab shared: “Whether it’s openly said or not, I think everyone wants to feel safe, seen, and heard in love. While this has been a prominent feeling in my inner world, my outer world became a tangible expression of that.”

    Safe ‘n Sound succeeds as a project because Amal Zenab gives us her all. The pure songwriting, top-notch production, and overall cohesiveness make a statement that the emerging artist is here to stay.


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