Los Angeles-Based Amber Ryann Shares Powerful and Anthemic Single ‘In My Mind’

    Based in Los Angeles, Amber Ryann is an alternative/hip hop artist and producer. Acquiring a broad exposure to different types of music from her hip-hop producer father, 90s R&B fan mother, and her own experience growing up listening to the emo, hardcore & alt. rock scenes of the early 2000s, she’s created a unique sound that is all her own. In April 2020, Amber released her debut EP ‘A Call To A Friend,’ and has since released several singles including ‘Williams Sonoma‘ and ‘That’s On Me.’

    Today, Amber Ryann releases her latest track ‘In My Mind,’ a powerful and anthemic alternative/pop track about dealing with inner demons and searching for peace of mind. Amber knows that in the search for truth, we can find ourselves traveling through dark places within ourselves that we never intended to find or create. Produced in collaboration with Zach Golden (Anthony Ramos, Jasmine Cephas Jones, Suboi), ‘In My Mind‘ fits perfectly into the influential conversations about mental health being had by top artists in alt-pop and alt-hip hop like Machine Gun Kelly, Halsey, and Post Malone. As a champion of mental health awareness, Amber has created a dedicated fan base by sharing her relatable experiences and unique perspectives. Check out the new single down below.


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