An Emotional Betrayal: 4KMicheal’s “Fire Under The Bridge”

    4KMicheal’s latest project, Fire Under The Bridge, proves the versatility and lyrical prowess of the Baltimore-based emcee. Each song demonstrates its significance in the track listing as 4KMicheal pulls from various emotions to convey one central idea: trust no one. The EP boasts its break-out single “BOA,” which received recognition in the Washington Post one-week post-release. Without an announcement, 4KMicheal dropped Fire Under The Bridge the following week. 

    The music is a sonic diary, chronicling the past year of 4KMicheal’s life since his 2019 mixtape, Forgive Me, I Am Alive. Throughout the project, it becomes evident that 4KMicheal dedicated ample time to meticulously shaping the sounds to convey the intended theme precisely. Certain tracks, such as “Sandbox Song,” delve deeply into personal experiences. Yet, they remain relatable to anyone who has faced the difficult decision of parting ways with loved ones for personal growth or navigating turbulent moments of trust within a relationship. Through unwavering commitment and the passage of time, 4KMicheal has elevated his songwriting and storytelling techniques to a level of mastery.

    After only releasing two songs for the entirety of 2020, the surprise drop was welcomed by many and has garnered recognition beyond his initial following. Since its release at the end of March this year, it has reached nearly 100k all-time plays. With no major label backing or publicity, 4KMicheal is accumulating numbers organically with no sign of slowing down. If this release indicates his potential as an emcee, he is a force to be reckoned with.

    Check out Fire Under The Bridge down below via Spotify.


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