Angelo Mota’s “I Changed My Mind” Welcomes a New Chapter

    Angelo Mota has been making waves in the music industry ever since he burst onto the scene with his 2018 release When All Is Said and Done, and he’s been on a tear since that release. With each subsequent drop, the New Jersey-based artist has earned critical acclaim and a devoted fanbase thanks to his exceptional talent, raw emotional power, and ability to craft deeply personal songs that resonate with listeners.

    Mota has once again showcased his exceptional skills as a musician and songwriter with the release of his eagerly awaited new album, I Changed My Mind. Featuring a captivating blend of hip-hop, R&B, and Jersey club, the album consists of eleven tracks that highlight Mota’s raw talent and emotional depth. Before the album’s release, Mota had teased fans with two sensational tracks, “Come Back in an Hour” and “Vendetta,” which received widespread acclaim for their sultry vocals, poignant lyrics, and unique sound. These tracks gave fans a glimpse into what they could expect from the entire album, and it’s safe to say that I Changed My Mind has exceeded all expectations.

    Angelo Mota’s music is known for its spine-tingling vocals, and he delivers the same with this album but with a newfound hunger and drive. He is determined to showcase his most honest work yet, and I Changed My Mind promises to be just that. In its entirety, these collections of songs mirror Mota’s artistic development and maturation, taking listeners on an unforgettable ride through his personal growth.

    Listen to I Changed My Mind below. 


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