Angelo Mota’s New Single ‘Hide In the Phantom’ Is Out of This World

    New Jersey rapper/singer Angelo Mota is as real as they come. Never shying away from the big stage, he always gives it his all every time he drops something new, rapping like it’s his last day on earth, giving all he has left. Recently teaming up with Genius, his electrifying new release ‘Hide In the Phantom’ has made me realize how bold and fearless Mota is as an artist.

    Produced by Tim Gunter and Mota himself, they do one hell of a job laying the groundwork for this energizing track. As soon as the beat drops, you are warped into space at the speed of light, and it feels like every time the beat switches, you are transported to another galaxy, going through the motions. As easy as it is to get lost in the sauce while listening, Mota is kicking off some heavy content lyrically. Standout lines like “can’t be sitting on hands and telling me shit, at this rate, I’ll never be rich” display the immense hunger he has for greatness.

    Listen to ‘Hide In the Phantom’ below via Spotify or click here for all other streaming platforms.


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