ANKHLEJOHN Delivers Aggressive and Raw Content on ‘The Face of Jason’


    The Face of Jason is an aggressive, raw account of ANKHLEJOHN’s experiences, tragedies, and triumphs. ANKHLEJOHN’s style is hard to digest at first, the rapping style is emotional and his timbre is unrefined, but he pours his heart out onto every track and the energy he exudes is admirable.

    The opening, The Candyman is a statement track that features a cinematic beat and sets the tone for the tracks that follow. The production on The Face of Jason is pretty solid, it has more of an old school feel and contains some nice melodic foundations. The piano-centric beat of Hurt You is a nice, mellow way to shift the project at the halfway point.

    Overall, this is a solid LP. The production style can get a little same-old-same-old by the back half of the album, and AKHLEJOHN’s unbridled style is not for everyone. The lyrics are even more meaningful and hard-hitting, the flow is more compact, and the intonation is just as brutal. But the raw emotion on display throughout is impressive and really courageous from the talented MC.

    Stream the new project down below Via Spotify.