Anto the Wayward Reflects and Accelerates with “I-5”

    “Life is really fucking animated. Life is really what you want to make it.”

    Driving home after a tedious workday sucks. Our synchronized routines manifest themselves in the form of rush-hour traffic jams, horn honks, and road rage. Repeat. Repeat. When the zombies reluctantly turn to their pillows for solace, a new group of drivers, Anto the Wayward included, turn onto the interstate. Anto’s latest, “I-5,” explores the peaceful awareness with which we accelerate into our personal journeys.

    The I-5 covers a lot of ground, lining the entire west coast of the United States. Nostalgic yet focused, Anto coasts along its surface as if it were a timeline of his dreams, past, present, and future. The track’s multi-dimensional visual highlights its bright production, excited for the day ahead yet caring for the day before. Every exit an anecdote, Anto the Wayward earns his nickname in real-time with an undeniable enthusiasm for the intricacies of life. Expect him to blossom through the coming seasons, and enjoy the positivity that his first release of 2022 brings to the table.


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