Antwone Deathwish Delivers His Exceptional New EP “Saving Face*”

    Antwone Deathwish’s emergence as an artist represents a beacon of hope for those who believe in the power of storytelling through music. In an era where catchy beats and repetitive hooks often dominate music, Antwone’s dedication to lyricism and personal expression is a refreshing change. His ability to craft songs that draw listeners in and keep them engaged is a testament to his creative vision and unwavering commitment to his craft.

    His new EP Saving Face* boasts five distinct tracks with exceptional production. The Long Beach, CA, artist raps with an unwavering passion, determined to earn the recognition he rightfully deserves. This offering fully displays his readiness to captivate his audience with everything he puts out. Throughout each of the tracks, he delivers an unquenchable fire and passion, starting from the first track until the end. In “God’s Country,” he embraces his individuality and acknowledges that his best work is yet to come. Meanwhile, in “Slow Burn,” he confronts the fact that people underestimated him and recounts his journey of pursuing music with unwavering dedication, never taking a break.

    Antwone Deathwish shared his thoughts on creating his EP, which symbolizes a fresh start and a new approach to the same journey. He expressed gratitude towards his team, acknowledging their role in crafting the EP, and emphasized his willingness to share his success with them, saying, “I’m going to shed light on my brothers with any opportunity I get. My circle who helped me get this off the ground, I definitely couldn’t have done this on my own while creating this project.” Antwone recognizes the crucial support of his circle in helping him bring this project to fruition, stating that he couldn’t have accomplished it alone.

    Antwone Deathwish is an artist worth watching closely, given his consistent efforts to prove that he deserves the spotlight. Saving Face* shows his commitment to his craft as he continuously challenges himself to deliver exceptional lyrical performances, striving to surpass his previous achievements.

    Listen to Antwone Deathwish’s Saving Face* EP below.


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