Armani White Returns With His Addictive New Single ‘BILLIE EILISH.’

    West Philadelphia rapper Armani White is a champion for going against the grain, professionally, personally, and creatively. Since the release of his Fall 2021 album ‘Things We Lost In The Fire,’ he’s been hard at work polishing his Happy Hood Music sound. Eight months removed from that release, Armani White now returns with his highly coveted new single ‘BILLIE EILISH.’ With the first teaser on TikTok having garnered over 2.2 million views in a day, White has spent the past few weeks teasing the track on social media for fans worldwide, so it’s no wonder the record has accumulated an enormous buzz prior to its release. 

    The release of ‘BILLIE EILISH.’ arrives alongside an accompanying self-directed video that showcases Armani White as he reimagines some of Eilish’s most popular visuals. Featuring a notable sample from N.O.R.E. and The Neptunes’ 2002 hit song ‘Nothin,’ ‘BILLIE EILISH.’ combines his natural vibrance and lyrical abilities. It embodies White’s playful and energetic side as he cuts through the silence chanting the viral phrase, “B*tch, I’m stylish, Glock Tucked Big T-shirt, Billie Eilish!” 

    With each new release, somehow, Armani White finds his sound expanding across all corners of music. Whether delivering carefully crafted bars or baring his soul, he consistently continues to raise the bar for himself. Check out the new single below. 


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