Asha Imuno Releases Innovative Debut Album ‘Good News’

    Los Angeles-based rapper/producer Asha Imuno delivers his debut album Good News, a journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and catharsis.

    At 14-songs in length, Good News is a diary of 19-year-old Imuno’s experiences; full of highs and lows in both production and theme. The album follows the young artist, from once starry-eyed, to now venturing out into the uncertain world facing trials and tribulations in the hope that true self-identity can be recognized.

    Imuno acknowledges self-identity is a journey that carries beyond deeper into a philosophical context both past present and future. He now stands in front of his audience with confidence, maturity, and positive energy in the hope that he can provide a voice to others through this multi-dimensional, lateral art piece.

    Asha Imuno is continuing to find himself more as an artist and has become more connected to his art than ever. “The earliest parts of the album were recorded in 2018 but there are contributions to the album that are as new as a month before it came out so it’s the culmination of works over the past couple of years,” he said to SL via email. “Gidi and I executive produced the album so he has fingerprints all throughout the album even where he isn’t directly performing,” he added. While Good News sets the tone, it is evident that the LA-based upstart has honed in on his creative vision, becoming a fully-fledged force to be reckoned with. Check out the debut down below.


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