Ashoka and Deante’ Hitchcock Are Tired of Being Overlooked in New Single “Sleep On Me”

    All the underdogs have a special place in my heart. So many obstacles are placed in their way, but they still find a way to prevail. It’s only fitting that on this platform, I shed light on some underdogs in the music community who don’t always get their due credit. New York artist Ashoka is one of them. He puts the average artist to bed with his natural talent. He recently delivered his most ferocious release, “Sleep On Me.”

    “‘Sleep On Me’ is the underdog’s anthem. I always saw beauty in being underrated because it fueled me with extra drive, passion, and motivation.” — Ashoka

    This song’s existence proves that there is no valid reason why Ashoka should be slept on. I’ve heard him sing, and I’ve heard him rap, and he is equally skillful at both. Opting to go with the latter on this song, he made the right choice to set a couple of things straight. Tired of constantly being overlooked, Ashoka doesn’t hesitate to bite his tongue on the record.

    When talking about underdogs, you have to bring up Deante’ Hitchcock, who’s cemented his place in the underdog hall of fame. The Atlanta rapper knows all about being slept on and surely fits the song’s theme. “I got the chip on my shoulder, shit thick as a brick or a boulder,” a bar he raps on his verse to point out how people haven’t appreciated his talent. Based on how these two artists rip into their verses, I don’t blame them for ruffling a few feathers.

    If you are a fan of overall great music, check out Ashoka’s music and his new single below.


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