Atlanta-Based Artist Keem Returns with Captivating Single “Hesitate”

    Following the success of his previous offering, “How I Am,” which featured soul-piercing lyrics and a show-stopping verse from Mick Jenkins, Atlanta artist Keem is back with his latest single, “Hesitate.” This time, he’s bringing his signature captivating flows to the forefront, perfectly complemented by the heavy-hitting production of Danny Lewie.

    With a runtime of a little over two minutes, “Hesitate” is more than just a catchy song; it’s a reflection of personal growth and an anthem for anyone striving to achieve their goals. When asked about how his personal growth and experiences are reflected in the lyrics and overall mood of “Hesitate,” Keem shared, “Fresh out the chamber / I’m back, and I’m better.” He continued, “I feel that one bar alone is more than enough to explain the growth and the mental state I’ve been in. This song is very braggadocious on the surface, but once you begin to dissect it, you’ll see it’s a motivational song to keep the listener working towards whatever goal they’re chasing.”

    The magic behind “Hesitate” came together during the creative process in the studio. Keem fondly recollected the day he laid down the first verse with Danny, Queenie, and Yupefer, saying, “The vibe in the studio that day was at an all-time high, and the music was just coming out effortlessly. You can’t copy that kind of energy; you simply must provide the atmosphere for it, and that’s when the creativity comes naturally.”

    As Keem’s artistry continues to evolve, “Hesitate” is a stepping stone for what’s to come and where he’s taking his sound. With its braggadocious lyrics and captivating production, “Hesitate” is a must-listen track that reaffirms Keem’s status as a rising artist in the Atlanta music scene and beyond.

    Watch the video for “Hesitate” below.


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