Atlanta’s Kalenbree Is Done Waiting On Newly Released “Patience”

    Patience is undoubtedly a virtue. And nothing teaches you patience better than experiencing a broken heart. Based on her new single, “Patience,” Kalenbree has every reason to be patient after going through what she’s been through. Her latest single revolves around the Atlanta singer-songwriter ending a chapter of her life and self-reflecting on it one more time before solidifying her future.

    Speaking of time, Kalenbree didn’t waste any of it in this song to show that she is a very talented individual. Kalenbree might not call herself a rapper, but she surely has bars. But she executes it in a way where you still get to hear her powerful vocals. It’s the best of both worlds hearing her not be afraid to switch back and forth between the varying styles. 

    The supporting video for the song truly completes this soul-searching track. It will surely resonate with people who had to take time away to focus on themselves and their journey. Directed by Snakebite Wikina, his cinematic visuals show Kalenbree living her best life. She is unbothered by anything that doesn’t impact her future because everything else is merely a distraction. After wasting so much time she will never get back, she has every reason to feel the way she does.

    I want you to remember the name Kalenbree. It’s clear as day that she has what it takes to go far based on her ability to keep elevating her sound. 

    Stream “Patience” below.


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