Atlanta’s S.U.R.F Reintroduces Himself with Debut Album “Rage Angel”

    Please don’t get me started on the burgeoning Atlanta music scene and why I love it so much. It’s filled with young talent in every facet, from rap, soul, alternative, and even rock. One artist that has stuck out to me like a sore thumb has to be S.U.R.F. This Atlanta native has had one hell of a year and shows no plans of slowing down anytime soon. Momentum is everything, and it’s something he’s built lots of. Patiently taking his time with the rollout of his debut album by periodically dropping singles to hold fans over, the time has finally come. Strategically planning every step of the journey, “Rage Angel” is exactly how artists should roll out their debut if they want to make a lasting impression as S.U.R.F did.

    At 15-tracks, S.U.R.F’s artistry is on full display, and this album gives you plenty of varieties to work with to figure out what kind of artist he is. As the title suggests, about half of the tracks on this album are intense and fierce. At the same time, the other half displays his more angelic side, where he taps into vocals showcasing just how versatile he can be. So depending on how you feel at the moment, there’s something to fit your mood.

    If you want to get hyped, songs like “Geeked up” or “Step” featuring The Letter M display S.U.R.F’s sinister flow combined with M’s devious bars, making for a perfect mosh pit song. But as I mentioned, there’s an equal split on this album. You still have tracks like “Planet Rage” and “Interstellar,” a space-themed love ballad that shows his dynamic versatility as an artist and songwriter.

    If this is your first exposure to the Atlanta artist, then you’re lucky because this is the perfect place to start. He put together an excellent debut album that is sequenced flawlessly, with each transition feeling intentional and purposeful. The time and effort it must’ve taken to accomplish it was well worth it because experiencing this project feels like a big payoff.

    Stream “Rage Angel” below.


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