Aumi Luxe Creates an Infectious, Easygoing Vibe In “Saltwater Taffy”

    Aumi Luxe’s musical style effortlessly blurs the lines between genres, drawing inspiration from artists like Choker, Dominic Fike, and Blood Orange. His ability to seamlessly blend elements from different musical realms results in a distinctive and captivating sound. Luxe’s music is an amalgamation of soulful R&B, infectious pop melodies, and experimental beats, creating a sonic experience that defies categorization.

    A standout track from Luxe’s repertoire is his new single, “Saltwater Taffy.” This vibrant and bouncy track explores the rollercoaster of emotions that accompany unrequited love. His heartfelt lyrics delve into the experience of having strong feelings for someone who doesn’t reciprocate or acknowledge them yet feels an irresistible pull toward that person. The catchy hooks and infectious energy of “Saltwater Taffy” make it an irresistible addition to any playlist.

    “Saltwater Taffy” serves as the second single from Aumi Luxe’s sophomore EP, titled Crushed. This EP promises to take listeners on a captivating journey through various types and stages of love. From the euphoria of crushes to the heartbreak of lost connections—and from the complexities of polygamy to the purity of platonic love, Luxe’s introspective lyrics and evocative melodies delve into the depths of human emotions.

    Listen to “Saltwater Taffy” below.


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