Auntie Naj Delivers Her New EP ‘Summer With Auntie’

    NYC rapper Auntie Naj is many things, but one thing she isn't is concerned with maintaining the status quo.

    When it comes to New York City’s blossoming Hip-Hop scene, Auntie Naj seems to have made herself comfortable on its fringe — while still building up her sound and polishing it, she’s successfully inserted herself in many of the city’s most notable moments and developed a loyal fan base for her unique, creative style.

    Making her debut on our page this week, Auntie Naj delivers her brand new EP Summer With Auntie. At 7-tracks in length, the crawling, head-nodding tracks manage to showcase Naj’s unique sound over various infectious production. Naj makes music that expresses her true self, her specific pen, and mutating styles eluding broad categorization. If you’re currently unfamiliar with the budding artist, make sure to give the new EP a stream down below.


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