Avgust Reign’s ‘Blue Summer’ Displays Refreshing Artistry & Vast Potential

    Maryland-born, Los Angeles-based Avgust Reign is an independent singer/songwriter who found her musical roots while studying fashion in NYC. Her sound is a fusion of synthetic soul and alternative R&B; influenced heavily by the likes of Sade, Frank Ocean, Banks, and Lana Del Rey. With a sound that is filled with silky lyrics and atmospheric beats, her emotions bring the moodiness of her sound full circle. Her brand new EP Blue Summer is a 5-song offering that is packed with soft soundscapes, silky vocals, and emotive lyrics.

    On Blue Summer, Avgust Reign shared: “The whole project ended up being personal and relevant to my love life at the time which is a little deeper than I’ve gone in the past with my lyrics.”

    The EP kicks off with Love Word, an interlude that sets the tone and direction the EP will head. Leading us right into State of Mind, the introductory record is a love astute declaration of longing and remembrance. The track’s soft backdrop is brought to life by Reign’s image-invoking lyricism and tone. “For me personally, I had a situation end during my writing process so that sparked a lot of ideas,” she said about the EP. “Being able to channel all the confusion and emotions into music was therapeutic,” she added. Throughout the EP, it’s pretty clear that Avgust Reign’s soothing vocals are just too good to pass up. The poignant way Reign leads each record into the next with just her soulful voice is otherworldly and the smooth instrumentals make for a fantastic offering.

    Despite its brief length of 12-minutes, Blue Summer is a testament to Avgust Reign’s ability to create outside the boundaries of just R&B. The impressive nature of this rising artist’s creativity becomes even more jaw-dropping when taking into account that Reign handled some of the production alongside pRòmethius. With waves of new artists making their way into the spotlight at a faster pace, this is the best time to latch onto a new artist, at the precipice of their start. Check out the new EP down below and head over here for your preferred streaming service.


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