Ay Gabe! Opts For a Moment of Reflection in “Most of It”

    San Francisco Bay Area by way of New Orleans, Louisiana rapper/producer Ay Gabe! may draw inspiration from a select number of artists such as Saba, Smino, Monte Booker, Knxwledge, Flying Lotus, and Timbaland. Yet, his vision remains truly distinctive. Hints of others may spill forward, but they always lead back to Ay Gabe! and experimentation, which he refers to as the core of his musical identity. This notion is made immediately apparent in his new single “Most of It.”

    Inspired by the decision to pursue his purpose as an artist, “Most of It” spans 3 minutes and Ay Gabe! bares his heart and soul. “I initially took the route so many of us have—went to college, applied for jobs, felt the need to justify the time and money spent for that degree,” he shared about the new single. “It took about four years post-graduation for me to realize that this hobby I had was what I needed to invest in. I chose to bet on myself and accept whatever outcomes I receive,” he added.

    Throughout the song, Ay Gabe! infuses every moment with an intensity that might lead you to believe it’s his ultimate opportunity to express his thoughts and emotions through a sonic form. This refreshing honesty flows through his lyrics as well. “Same shit, different day, patient gotta wait for my place,” he raps, echoing feelings of being lost in the world and trying to find a sense of identity, purpose, and belonging.

    With his new album Objects In the Mirror—a metaphor for perspective—on the horizon, “Most of It” does an excellent job of rolling out the full-length offering. The takeaway from Ay Gabe!’s realness and honesty is to be yourself. Share who you are with the universe because, in all likelihood, someone else is going through the same thing.

    Watch the new video for “Most of It” above, and make sure to tap back in when the album drops.


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