Baby Cate Shines on New Project ’23’

    Baby Cate comes through with her new project ‘23.’ At 8 tracks in length, the new project spans 8-songs in length and has an 18-minute run time. ‘23‘ strikes a great balance between rocking out and soothing nerves with heartfelt songwriting encompassed in diverse melodies. The balance falters at points but it’s never irreparable as Cate rights it again with the natural magnetism of her music.

    ’23‘ unveils a focused, well-paced collection of songs that are formidable and polished. With instrumental focus and intent songwriting, this project feels light but still inviting. Many of the tracks on this project are somewhat rudimentary, but it’s their catchy hooks and recurring lyrical motifs that are so endearing and welcoming. Cate’s vocals – while not too distinct – have a pretty large range. There are so many little quirky production choices that pay off and make what are originally standard pop tunes much more interesting. Stream the new project down below.


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