Baby Storme Drops Her Transcendent Dance Track “Alt Disco”

    Singer-songwriter Baby Storme is a prime example of pure artistry at its finest. From her aesthetic to her powerful visuals and impressive vocal abilities, she’s not your average artist. How can you compete with someone who prides themselves on all the little details? I have always felt it’s overdue for black women to be properly represented in the alternative space, and Baby Storme is exactly what’s been missing.

    Her newly released single “Alt Disco” further proves that Baby Storme deserves your attention. Hearing her combine musical elements of alternative and disco music is a combo I never knew I needed. The aspect of disco music that captured people’s hearts was its ability to elevate our mood with its lively tempo. This track, like disco music, has a similar effect by infusing it with a passion that uplifts.

    When I wrote ‘Alt Disco,’ I wanted to make something new and refreshing. Something catchy and different. The song is mostly disco and upbeat. But with my vocals, I was still able to make it dark and devious. I wanted something that people could dance to, while still getting a feeling of darkness and edge.”

    — Baby Storme on “Alt Disco”

    Even though the song was dope, the accompanying music video truly made me a forever fan of Baby Storme’s music. Directed by Kerrigan Productions, the goth aesthetic and how it’s carried out in full force is truly something that stands out—and real music lovers will also appreciate her tribute to Michael Jackson’s iconic “Thriller” video.

    “Alt Disco” is a testament to why artists should be more open to taking creative risks. Instead of being confined to one sound, this track plants its flag in several places.

    Watch the new video for “Alt Disco” below.


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