badmonsham Carves Out His Niche in the Versatile ‘Doubt In My Mind’

    badmonsham is unapologetically himself in every song he releases. His rebellious attitude and ear for infectious and industrial instrumentals make his music an engaging and memorable listen, while his ability to write a catchy hook is unparalleled. His latest offering Doubt In My Mind comes equipped with an Alex Hall-directed video shows badmonsham’s ability to flow effortlessly over bouncy production with catchy lyrics.

    badmonsham also values a strong visual identity. The music video for Doubt In My Mind introduces the artist’s vision and showcases the unique intersection of rap and visual storytelling. “Doubt In My Mind… brain surgery? Bingo. Let’s make a video that portrays a doctor essentially looking to clear my head of all doubts via neurosurgery,” said badmonsham to SL via email. “Most people that get brain surgery are awake the whole time, which sparked the idea that I could still ‘perform’ while being operated on.” With only a handful of singles out, badmonsham continues to build his catalog with quality visuals and relatable tracks. Check out the new video below.


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