BELAGANAS Releases Their Three-Song EP ‘Listen Up’


    Mark May 1, 2020 in your calendar as the day Belaganas put a flag down in popular music and culture with a BANG. The three member band from Phoenix have released Listen Up, the first of several EPs that will drop before years end. BANG, the first track off of the project – dropped April 10th and has already garnered over 100,000 streams, followed by the pulsating, chaotic track, Mutt and closing with the hypnotic Space Mountain which coincided with the EP release. The self- produced band also released two must-see videos for the first two tracks.

    Members, Shanker, Joey J, and Nick have been releasing music and performing, making a name for themselves with a wild, energetic and memorable live show for the last two years. Shanker and Joey are no one trick ponies, spitting rapid fire verses as well as solid melodic vocals while drummer Nick Wille holds down the infectious grooves.

    Don’t try to categorize these guys, they don’t wear a box very well. BANG, aptly titled, uses a hard driving beats and sonics as a backdrop to explosive verses and a need to just let loose. Mutt is a journey with the hook line “I feel like dog chasing cars” just one example of their satirical and clever lyrics expressing a coming-of-age frustration with the state of the world. Belaganas closes the EP with Space Mountain, a melodic pulsing anthem telling everyone “check your ego.” There is much more to come from Belaganas as they strive to put Phoenix on the map. This is just the beginning, so fasten your seat belts ’cause it’s definitely gonna be a wild ride!