Bensbeendead.’s Incredible New EP ‘LOVELY CREATURES’ Is Here

    Portland-based composer, singer, and producer Bensbeendead. delivers his new EP, “LOVELY CREATURES” to close out the year. The eight-track body of work fuses Bensbeendead.’s seamless cutting edge production, thematic storytelling, and unmistakable vocal talent. The result is pure bliss.

    LOVELY CREATURES was the result of trying to make something a little less introspective than my last project, but something more universal. I really wanted to capture all the different sides of myself – and with that, all the different sides of being human and the emotions that go with it. With each song, I really wanted to hone in on topics of our relationships with each other and ourselves and to use the instrumentation to breathe emotional life into the project. At the end of the day LOVELY CREATURES boils down to an exploration of what it means to be human.”


    Bensbeendead.’s style can be described as a dreamy blend of electronic pop and alt-R&B laden with airy synths and bubbly percussion. He seeks to comfort the disturbed by producing sonic landscapes that create an escape from daily life and inspire creativity. Putting thoughts into words provides a welcome respite from his anxiety around finding his identity and the importance of the world at large. This is also his main hope for his audience in today’s turbulent climate. His haunting vocals paired with deeply thematic storytelling make his music a relatable offering to the youth.

    Listen to “LOVELY CREATURES” below.


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