Best New Songs This Week: Ché, Southside Dame, Keenon Rush, and Justin Michael

    Every week we wait patiently for that fresh batch of new tunes from our favorite rising artists. Whether it’s Ché, Southside Dame, Keenon Rush, or Justin Michael, we want to dig in and get our dose of brand-new music. Here are this week’s picks for the best new songs.

    Ché — April 16th

    Ché’s self-titled album presents a profound introspection on “April 16th,” a standout track that delves into the aftermath of life-altering decisions. The Brooklyn-based artists’ raw emotion and soulful delivery create an immersive experience, leaving you captivated by the power of reflection. Ché’s soulful delivery makes this song an unforgettable highlight of the album.

    Southside Dame — The Black Book

    Thanks to his effortless confidence, Southside Dame has been running laps around many seasoned artists. In tracks like “The Black Book,” he shows that he doesn’t need to have the fanciest wordplay because he has a natural swagger that can draw anybody in. I believe no one can match the infectious charm he displayed in “The Black Book.”

    Keenon Rush — Villain Story

    It’s safe to say that it’s time to get back to the basics right now in rap music because it’s starting to feel like people aren’t prioritizing bars enough. This is never a problem for Atlanta native Keenon Rush, as he makes it a priority in every track to show honest lyricism isn’t dead yet, like in his newest release, “Villain Story.” With my prior appreciation for lyricism, it was pleasing to see someone fire off a full clip of bars with a swaggy delivery without taking themselves too seriously, like Rush displayed in this song. 

    Justin Michael — Where I’m From

    I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of Justin Michael’s dark and mysterious energy that he brings on every track. He kept that same somber energy in his new single, “Where I’m From.” The soothing production simplicity pairs well with his lyrical complexity.


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