Best New Songs This Week: E The Profit, SoloSam, Neeko Crowe, and Jay Glavany

    Every week we wait patiently for that fresh batch of new tunes from our favorite fast-rising acts. Whether it’s E The Profit, SoloSam, Neeko Crowe, or Jay Glavany, we all want to dig in and get our dose of brand-new music. Here are this week’s picks for the best new songs.

    Neeko Crowe — Soon Enough

    Neeko Crowe’s lively new single “Soon Enough” is a hard-hitting rap song for the summer. Filled with bravado, the track’s spastic beat is grounded by Crowe’s confident delivery as he expresses his ambition for his craft. Wrapped in tongue-in-cheek wordplay, Crowe shows why his success is not simply a lofty ideal but rather a guarantee.

    Jay Glavany — Woman Needs Love

    Toronto native Jay Glavany passionately creates and pens music that delves into his experiences with women, exploring themes of love, desire, and the intricate nuances in relationships. Expressing emotions and connections with loved ones holds deep significance for Glavany, a sentiment he vividly portrays in his newest track, titled “Woman Needs Love.”

    SoloSam — Numbers

    SoloSam is a big sleeper pick to have a breakout song this year, especially with all the momentum he built for himself in 2022 with “Calabasas.” Most recently, he dropped his first single of 2023 with “Numbers,” an empowering self-produced anthem about having self-confidence and embracing the rigorous journey that comes with success.

    E The Profit — Notice Me

    Kentucky’s E The Profit hasn’t missed yet, and I don’t see any signs of him slowing down anytime soon. His newly released EP ETP is loaded with bangers, with my favorite being the lead single, “Notice Me.” With a monotone flow, it works in his favor, thanks to the production from Rocco Roy. E The Profit’s drugged-out cadence works perfectly and remains undefeated.


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