Best New Songs This Week: Gvvaan, Hadji Gaviota, wolfacejoeyy, and Fabox

    Every week we wait patiently for that fresh batch of new tunes from our favorite rising artists. Whether it’s Gvvaan, Hadji Gaviota, wolfacejoeyy, or Fabox, we want to dig in and get our dose of brand-new music. Here are this week’s picks for the best new songs.

    Gvvaan — Scene

    As a preview for his upcoming project, G-BABY SEASON Vol. 1, Gvvaan confidently set the tone with the first single, “Scene.” With some laid-back trap production from Lord Sean, we get to see Gvvaan deliver his signature melodic sound, and it’s a home-run type of performance. This track’s promising traits hint at an exciting project, potentially brimming with an appealing fusion of captivating hooks and beautiful melodies.

    Hadji Gaviota — Midnight Snack

    I’ve always been into music that feels like it was made on another planet, which is why an artist like Hadji Gaviota has my attention anytime he drops. With his new album Wallflower out now, there are some absolute heaters on there, like the outro track, “Midnight Snack.” I wouldn’t even know what genre to classify this song as, but its charming spirit really speaks to me.

    wolfacejoeyy Feat. Cash Cobain & Chow Lee — Weekend

    wolfacejoeyy has managed to create a significant influence within the realms of both artists and producers. A remarkable feat becomes apparent when considering his contributions, such as producing for SoFaygo. So if there’s anyone who deserves that “All-Star” team-up collab track, this notion comes to fruition in his latest release, “Weekend,” where he joins forces with Cash Cobain and Chow Lee. The captivating drill production creates the perfect atmosphere, allowing the verses of this New York trio to intertwine as a harmonious entity seamlessly.

    Fabox — Tinder

    Florida’s emerging artist, Fabox, graces our platform for the very first time with his latest release, “Tinder.” It’s a shame I’ve never featured him before, given that this song clearly highlights his ability to effortlessly ride beats with his captivating rhythm, making it seem effortless.


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