Best New Songs This Week: Neila, Mir Fontane, Monroe Jordan, and FourFive

    Every week we wait patiently for that fresh batch of new tunes from our favorite rising artists. Whether it’s Neila, Mir Fontane, Monroe Jordan, or FourFive, we want to dig in and get our dose of brand-new music. Here are this week’s picks for the best new songs.

    Neila — Ygnl

    Hailing from South Florida, Neila’s originality deserves recognition, and it’s by far the best part of her artistry. After a couple of listens, it’s safe to say she maintained her polished yet eccentric sound on the deluxe version of her newly released EP, Bite Me, Bitch. She really commits and gives listeners what they want by bringing out her shapeshifting vocals on “Ygnl.”

    Mir Fontane — Moving To ATL

    Mir Fontane’s creative process is vastly different than most. It’s also very evident that he was able to expand on that unpredictability in his new project fully, Clowns Don’t Cry. The intro track, “Moving To ATL,” confirms everything I’ve been saying as listeners are gifted two tracks for the price of one—showing distinct sides of his artistry: the soulful, painful melodies side and the festive Caribbean-influenced side.

    Monroe Jordan — Gaslight

    This current era shows a diminished interest in love ballads; instead, there’s a greater focus on songs glorifying unhealthy relationships and promoting that perspective. Contemporary music embraces a wide range of perspectives, and one such example is Monroe Jordan’s latest song, “Gaslight.” This unique track fearlessly delves into complex emotions and portrays them through a composed and emotionally rich sound. It’s interesting how such an unconventional approach can evoke deep feelings and connect with listeners on a deeper level.

    FourFive — MBGB2

    As a self-proclaimed tastemaker in the new-age hip-hop, I’d be gatekeeping if I didn’t share the greatness of NY’s FourFive with the world. Continuing to build even more momentum, his fifth release of the year, “MBGB2,” will strike you like a hurricane. It’s hard to describe the elevated feelings that his hazy, autotune flow takes you on this track.


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