Big Baby Scumbag Releases New Album ​’Big Baby Earnhardt’

    The NASCAR King returns with features from Lil B, Black Kray, Project Pat & Lil Aaron


    Big Baby Scumbag​ is back with a roaring vengeance to deliver ​Big Baby Earnhardt​. The new album is equal parts brash angst and rambunctious hilariousness. The album jump-starts with a ​Dale Earnhardt (Remix) featuring the incomparable ​Lil Aaron​, taking the classic ​Big Baby Scumbag​ hit to new speeds. Next up, ​Big Baby Scumbag​ teams up with the legendary ​Lil B​ on ​Nicole Richie – a best friend anthem giving Paris & Nicole the trap treatment they never knew they needed. It’s peak ​Big Baby Scumbag​.

    Big Baby Earnhardt​ is an eclectic mix of sounds featuring production from ​meltycanon​, ​Jetlag​, fanboy​, ​Chris Surreal​ and more. Jumping from the kindred, trap-ballad Toy Story​ (​watch here​) to the murky, ​Project Pat​-assisted Til My Death​, ​Big Baby Scumbag​ proves he can do it all.

    Big Baby Scumbag​ doesn’t stop at music. Beyond his tie dye shirts, condoms, beer koozies, and trading cards, ​Big Baby Scumbag​ has officially launched his own ​beer​ in collaboration with ​Hidden Springs Ale Works​! Named ​Silly Rabbit Ale​, the beer is made with ​Trix cereal​ and is available today alongside the release of ​Big Baby Earnhardt​!

    Rowdy, energetic and refreshing,​ Big Baby Earnhardt ​has the momentum to push ​Big Baby Scumbag​ to the center of the winner’s circle. Taylor Squid Recently had the chance to catch up with Big Baby Scumbag for an exclusive interview. Check it out down below.

    Your forthcoming album Big Baby Earndhardt  largely taps into your interest of NASCAR, specifically Dale Earndhart. Where did your fascination for NASCAR come from?

    It came from just growing up in Florida. Out here, Nascar has always been a part of the culture. We’re the NASCAR capital. I remember being younger and seeing older kids at school and even kids my age wearing NASCAR jackets with Tony The Tiger, Honey Smacks, Scooby Doo, M&M’s, Strawberry Shortcake, all types of different brands on these bulky NASCAR jackets. It was a fashion statement more than anything. None of us actually watched NASCAR. They would have a bunch of different patches and stuff on it. It just looked cool as fuck. They even sell them at the Florida state fair out here. Also, I’ve been thrift shopping for about 10 years now and NASCAR gear and memorabilia is what you’ll mostly find in there. It was only a matter of time before I got sucked into the fandom.

    You have a lot of comedic elements to your music, especially in your tracks ’Nicole Richie’ featuring Lil B and ‘Modelo Time/Bebe Grande’. What do you think is the importance of adding this in your music?

    I feel like it adds that extra flavor to my music. It’s like when you cook food with Sazon, it’s a flavor enhancer. I don’t think my shit would be the same if it wasn’t for the little tones of comedy that I add to it. I watch a lot of stand up specials and skit shows, so I think that’s what inspires me to make my stuff sound so funny. Lil B played a big role in that too. His music is hilarious. His personality shines through his music. A lot of artists out there are too stuck in an “image” and take things too seriously. I just be having fun!

    You’re releasing your own beer in collaboration with Hidden Springs Ale Works — congratulations! How did you get involved and how has the creation process been like?

    Thank you! One day, I received a DM from a homie that works there, Stu. He was saying how he put a bunch of people over at the brewery onto my music and how they would love to get a signature beer in motion. This was about 5-6 months ago that he reached out. We finally pressed the button on getting it started in November since the release of the album would be right around the corner. The beer is called “Silly Rabbit Ale” in reference to a lyric of mine taken from “Jelly” – “Silly rabbit you can’t have it. I got karats in my tooth” 

    The process was pretty simple on my end. I helped the guys pour a bunch of boxes of Trix cereal and grains into the big brewer thing and that’s about it haha. I’m hands on with whatever project I’m working on so theres no way I wasn’t going to get my hands dirty and help the guys out a little. I felt like a president when they go on campaigns and do random stuff at warehouse factories haha. I love the brewers and the whole staff over at Hidden Springs! The process took about a month and some change to finish. We just added in some more flavoring about a week and a half ago and now we’re getting the labels put on all the cans. It’s coming together. 

    Many of your fans would define you as King of the Merch Game because of your unconventional perch such as tie dye shirts, condoms, beer koozies, trading cards, etc. What are you planning on releasing in the future?

    I can’t even say what I have planned for the future as far as the merch but best believe it’s gonna be fire. I’m bringing all the ideas to life 2020.

    Social media has proven to be lucrative in today’s age and the music industry in general. How do you use your social media to connect to fans?

    I love social media. Lately, i’ve been finding the balance of work and maintaining the social media presence. It’s easy for me to do one without the other. I’ll like to tweet open ended questions and see what my fans have to say. See what my fans are thinking. I’m like the people’s champ. I’m definitely one fo the most relatable rappers out here.

    Since it’s the start of 2020, what are you looking forward to most this year?

    I’m looking forward to dropping all these new projects I’ve been working on. I feel like throughout my whole career, I was so reluctant to drop full bodies of work. Since the release of Juvenile Hell, I’ve definitely lightened up to the thought of it. I have so many songs, so many concepts, so many ideas. Ima act an ass this year, in a good way. And of course keep those music videos coming. 

    If you weren’t doing music, what would you be doing?

    I think about this a lot. I’d probably be in school studying something. I’m not entirely sure what I’d take up but I know I’d wanna be a college kid. I still do lowkey. College life looks fun.