Billy Stiletto Shares Infectious New Single ‘Reaper’

    Hailing from the pines — no man’s land between the rolling hills of Dade City and the urban landscape of Tampa, FL. Billy Stiletto finds himself on the edge of a sonic forefront. His collage of moody vocals cut through ambient synthesizers, wailing guitars, and booming 808s. Billy’s confident delivery permeates through the atmosphere of sounds. Well-deserved braggadocio can only be achieved by having successfully escaped this treacherous landscape.

    Today, Billy Stiletto makes his debut on our page with his new single, “Reaper.” Billy’s masterful delivery will leave you in a daze as his collage of vocals dance over the sounds of whaling guitars and booming 808s. On the new single, Billy tells the tale of a young man lost in the world with no intention of doubling back. His lyrics ascend between high points of braggadocio and somber notes of regret as Billy “[floats] around town like the reaper.” Check out the new single down below via Spotify and head over here for your preferred streaming service.


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