Bird Language Face Inevitability In ‘Art Is Never Finished, Only Abandoned’ Video

    To celebrate the one-year anniversary of their experimental debut project ‘Insider Art,’ the versatile NYC production duo Bird Language has released a powerful music video for the project’s final song, ‘Art Is Never Finished, Only Abandoned (Rain).’ Created by noted filmmaker Ben Vogel of Home Alone Studios, the video is a brief but gripping depiction of digital despair, paired with a statement exploring the nature of art and its lifecycle.

    “As humans, we fight against inevitability,” the birds say, “‘Art Is Never Finished, Only Abandoned (Rain)’ is our reinterpretation of a nearly abandoned song. The authors never produced a full recording. In this video, filmmaker Ben Vogel reinterprets our reinterpretation. Each new version both revitalizes and degrades. Your reinterpretation as a viewer is as important as ours — each footprint changes the beach. The art remains living (defying completion) as long as it continues to be experienced and examined.”

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    The song is a fitting close to Insider Art’s rapid-fire and diverse tracklist. With 17 songs spanning only 21-minutes, the project touches on themes of exploration, nostalgia, and impermanence, with dynamic features from Conner Youngblood, Sebastian Adé, Max Wonders, and more. While fleeting, Insider Art’s lush vignettes leave a deep impression on the listener.

    Alongside this video, the duo also shared a long-form video for the entire project and limited edition reversible “insider” t-shirts and handmade cassette tapes as part of the anniversary celebration. Check out their website here, and watch the new video down below.


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