BLÜ Stands Out With Impressive New EP ‘BLÜ DREAMS’

    New Orleans singer/songwriter BLÜ is magic in a bottle. Her impressive new EP “BLÜ DREAMS” is sixteen minutes and twelve seconds of longing, and BLÜ wastes no time showcasing her ability to weave ornate tapestries of sound. The project kicks off with the drawn-out “Be Like Ü” that essentially sets the tone for the tracks that follow. Each song leads into the next in a way that illustrates the unfathomable depth that is BLÜ. Pouring wanderlust sounds into your soul, “BLÜ DREAMS” will keep you floating in her fantasy world.

    Continuing to make a career out of this impressive balancing act between iridescent pop and poignant songwriting, BLÜ is building off her strengths and leaning more on what makes her unique. This new EP further solidifies her spot with the batch of up-and-comers making their own waves. Brace yourself for an explosion of pure goodness in “BLÜ Dreams” below.


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