Bōlají Unveils His Evident Talent With His First Self-Titled Project

    The Houston, Texas-based singer & songwriter offers a great first offering with this self-titled project

    Not often is an artist’s first full body of work breathtaking. However, the easy-listening and concise nature of the 7-track project acts as a great insight into Bōlají’s range and talent. Sitting at just 15-minutes, by the end of the tape, you’ll want to start it over again. If you were fascinated by a little-known 2016 tape called blkjuptr by a St. Louis artist named Smino, then this self-titled project from Bōlají is sure to help you relive that passion. Regardless of the comparison, he is definitively one of the most unique alternative R&B artists I have come across.

    “With this body of work, I wanted to display stages of my life while also showing my versatility and ability to create my own sound”

    While this is his first solo project, there’s also more to hear from the young Houston, TX-based artist. He dropped another project titled inHale. in July of this year through his duo alongside producer Chicano Blues called Palace Floor:

    This new project brings in a slew of new influences and shows insane growth over only 3 months.

    Tracks like “Love Trance” come equipped with ethereal hooks. Throughout the project, Bōlají harmonizes uniquely, providing pure serotonin and adding many levels to relaxed instrumentals. “Lavish(Bōlají)” acts as an internal dialogue. A series of reaffirming lyrics and reminders to stay focused float on a jazzy saxophone riff that acts like the smooth peanut butter to a perfect PB&J.

    Bōlají – Credit: freredumonde

    The last track, “Messiah,” might be the biggest flex from Bōlají. The incessant drum pattern lies in the wake of his broad range of dynamic singing. On the same track, in the final moments of the project, Bōlají pleads with God to be his guide to leaving a mark on his life. On the path that this young star is taking to do that, it’s sure to happen. Give him a follow on Instagram, and make sure to check out his quickly growing Tik Tok.


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