BoofPaxkMooky and GRIMM Doza Create An Ethereal Soundscape on ‘I’ve Been High for Days’

    The underground of hip-hop is so diverse today, and it’s for the best. Proof of that comes with every exciting milieu popping up globally, ranging from the insightful lyricists to the breezy melodics, and everything in between. Up-and-comer BoofPaxkMooky is fitting more to the right end of the spectrum while a name familiar in all scenes is GRIMM Doza whose style is relevant to any rapper including Matt Ox, XXXTentacion, Maxo, and Mavi.

    This project finds GRIMM Doza’s ominous production style matching perfectly with BoofPaxkMooky’s effortless flows. Originally from North Carolina, Mooky now stays in Atlanta, which is a perfect background to set up the foreground that is I’ve Been High for Days.’ With a sound fitting to a half-pound smoke session, Mooky has some great potential to surpass others in this cloud rap-influenced pluggnb scene. Tastes of local legends from both of his hometowns including BigBabyGucci & Yung Bans can be heard in his auto-tuned medleys, don’t get it twisted though, Mooky is an outlier and not to be piled in with any specific sound.

    You might recognize the name from his feature on SSGKobe’s EP ‘KO. but this is definitely just one of many W’s soon to come for the ATL artist. This project is proof of his diversity and consistency the same. Mooky can control his flows to fit all of GRIMM Doza’s fierce productions. In one mode, he’s got the autotune turned to 100 forcing the listener to shake their head like a dog’s tail like with ‘Red.’ While his other approach, taken on ‘Honestly‘ and ‘Amounts,’ is more about clearing his name from any mentioner of mumble rap. ‘Amounts,’ although short, is clearly a lyrically charged track celebrating his aforementioned success and talking down any opposition who isn’t built the same. “All you gotta do is rap; that’s what my mother said,” and that’s the truth. BoofPaxkMooky is definitely someone to get in tune with sooner than later. Check the tape out here.


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