Boston Artist The China Blue Finds Beauty in Despair in Newly Released “Don’t Feel the Same”

    You better believe it when I say Boston artist The China Blue is the real deal. Is it because he steals the show with his mesmerizing vocals every chance he gets? Or is it because of his ability to pen his raw emotions? Regardless, it’s only a matter of time till the rest of the world notices what I see in him, which is the future of alt-pop.”

    “It came as a surprise yeah, Thought we had more time that I could call you mine Failed to see the signs though” – TCB sings on “Don’t Feel the Same”

    His new single “Don’t Feel the Same” proves that his greatness isn’t a fluke. TCB doesn’t run away from his emotions but tackles them head-on in the song. Putting his emotions on the forefront for everyone to witness is highly risky but needed during these times. So many people fail to realize love gets ugly sometimes.

    As depressing as breakups are, Dxcklin and TCB make it sound beautiful thanks to their elite production. No visuals are needed to feel the full effect of this track either, but I’m hoping there’s something in the works so fans can physically see his vision. A real touching story is told within this song that should be brought to life.

    Listen to “Don’t Feel the Same” below.


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