Boston Native Heath240’s Emotions Run High on “Baby Blues…”

    In the past, the Northern region held a dominant position in the hip-hop game. While opinions on this may differ, it’s worth noting that Boston continues to strive to maintain its relevance. Notably, one name stands out, Heath240, an emerging talent from Boston who plays a crucial role in keeping their music scene thriving and dynamic.

    Even though I don’t consider it a determining factor, almost all of Heath240’s songs have a crazy amount of replay value. So there was no worry in my mind that he would bring that same consistency to his new single, “Baby Blues…” This song is all about Heath240 having a rough time overcoming sadness and trying to shake off his current streak of negativity. 

    One would assume this is the type of song to have you in your feelings. But between his demoralized lyrics and lively production, it feels like a sad song cleverly disguised as a hyped-up song. And honestly, I’m here for it because I don’t mind seeing artists take creative risks, and it pays off.

    The music video for “Baby Blues…” directed by Josh Schuback and Aleska Samardzic, reminds me a lot of the coming-of-age film 500 Days of Summer. Both of the protagonists are lovestruck loverboys that can’t get love right. Emotional detachment is amplified even more with the exaggerated storyline scenes and visuals that serve as a backstory to how things made a turn for the worst.

    With “Baby Blues…” Heath240 grips with what it means to be on top and lose it all. His lyrics are very introspective of a life dominated by dysfunction. In the same way that love can change your life for the better, “Baby Blues…” showed that love can also leave you damaged.


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