boyband Continues to Expand His Sound On ‘fooly cooly’

    After releasing his standout project alone in a boyband to acclaim in 2020, boyband gives a striking, and unique visual look for his new single fooly cooly. While seemingly fitting the song’s energy perfectly, the Anaperalta-Chong-directed visuals give a feel for boyband’s burgeoning personality.

    Having sat on the record for a year, boyband shared with us that this was the first song he made after releasing alone in a boyband. “KC Supreme sent some beats over — my bro did a draft of the hook and was like, “this is all you.” I flipped because it sounded like I wrote it.” boyband’s talent is abundantly clear throughout fooly cooly and his technical ability is matched perfectly with his ability to craft beautiful sounding music. With more work in the pipeline, this new single has us wanting more. Check out the new video down below.


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