Brian Brown Reemerges With His New EP “Two Minute Drill”

    Brian Brown’s latest release, the four-track EP “Two Minute Drill,” highlights a pressing theme. With each track being shorter than two minutes, the EP presents a challenge for Brown as he has to condense his lyrics within those time limits. To celebrate the two-year anniversary of his album “Journey,” the Nashville-based rapper has dropped this new EP as the starting point for his 2023 campaign. Spanning a little over seven minutes, the EP showcases Brown’s growth as an artist, with sharper lyrical content and a more refined sound, and is the perfect precursor to what promises to be a busy and exciting year for the rapper.

    “Two minutes left. Ball in yo hands. Everything to gain, nun to lose. You gon’ bbq or mildew?” — Brian Brown

    The four-track conceptual EP is a testament to the remarkable collaborative efforts of Raemi, Topper Atwood, Sir Illington, Por Vida, and Krashmaxx. The result of their combined efforts is a body of work that is truly one-of-a-kind and exudes a sense of authenticity. The production value of the EP is exceptional, with every sound and instrument complementing each other seamlessly. Each track on the EP is a story in itself, showcasing his songwriting skills and ability to create captivating narratives.

    Brown’s funky melodies and insightful lyrics provide a much-needed soundtrack for navigating the challenges of modern life while still holding onto hope for a better future. With his combination of musical talent, raw emotion, and authentic lyricism, Brian Brown is poised to become one of his generation’s most exciting and impactful artists. His music speaks to the heart and soul of all those who listen, inspiring them to be the best versions of themselves and to never give up on their dreams.

    Listen to “Two Minute Drill” below.


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