Brio. Continues to Pave His Own Path With Debut Project “We Need To Talk.”

    “Brio. means liveliness, vigor, and confidence. I chose this name to represent the life I want to bring with my creations.”

    After a year of much-needed time for clarity, discipline, and focus, Charlotte-bred, Brooklyn-based artist Brio. finally delivers his debut project ‘We Need To Talk.’ With releases such as ‘Rareform‘ and his 2017 full-length offering ‘Bleu Lotus,’ we began to see a more polished, mature side of the Charlotte upstart. He was taking us into a world of more dimension and color, giving us a dose of substance and satisfaction while also taming to today’s taste level and tempo. Brio. graced us with records opening our minds to what to expect from the self-proclaimed leader of progressive-rap.

    The debut project arrives as his most fleshed out to date. Spanning 12-tracks with a runtime of 42-minutes, WNTT ventures through futuristic soundscapes, hip-hop fundamentals, and a new synergy of southern elements blended with classic boom bap elements. This approach gives listeners a unique experience and a closer look into the future of ‘New Age Rap.’ WNTT has only one feature from lyrical alchemist and fellow Charlottean, Mavi, on the records title track.  

    “My music focuses on uplifting the words we speak and hear to resonate at different frequencies within our hearts and minds. With so much focus on negativity and vices within the music that surrounds us nowadays, I vowed to bring lighter energy with the sound I wield. My overall goal is to heal the word of the world with my music. After many years of searching, crafting, and perfecting my sound, I believe this newest project fully encapsulates the vision and feeling I have been dreaming of invoking in my art.” – Brio. (2022)

    Throughout the project, Brio. explores the conversation that the heart and the mind have to move forward in our lives and the overall dialogue we need to have as one in today’s climate. The album touches on love, confusion, truth, self-awareness, loss, family, community, the beauty of life, and many more topics. Over an array of idyllic beats, we are brought face to face with mortality-induced lows and ambitious highs, often in the same bar. WNTT feels like just that, a sonic crystallization of everything Brio. has strived to achieve and everything he still aspires to.

    Check out the new project below via Spotify, and head over here for your preferred streaming service.


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