With Her New Album ‘As I Am’ on the Horizon, Brittney Carter Taps Oliv Blu for “Cold As Us”

    "It ain't my fault that I'm better, ain't my fault that I'm different."

    Brittney Carter releases the first single from her upcoming album ‘As I Am‘ which is slated to release on the 25th of October. Featuring Oliv Blu, ‘Cold As Us‘ is a comforting sound for fans familiar with Brittney Carter. Produced by Scud One, the production sets the tone and Brittney’s voice solidifies her entrance; she has arrived.

    “It ain’t my fault that I’m better, ain’t my fault that I’m different/ I never asked you to like me, I never cared for your limits/ I never cared for your rules, don’t care what they doing/ It’s God body, God got me, they can’t stop how I’m moving.”

    The powerful words chosen by Brittney Carter, as the first lines to be heard from her upcoming album are purposeful. She proclaims her stance and her place, the Brittney Carter era has begun. Stream the new release down below.


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