Brooklyn Artist Kai Ca$h Remains “Humble Af.” In New Single

    Brooklyn, New York is known for birthing some of the most dynamic and influential artists, and Kai Ca$h is no exception. Following his last single “Rather Be.” Kai Ca$h is back with his latest release, “Humble Af.”

    Produced by 5x multi-platinum producer Dizzy Banko, “Humble Af.” showcases Kai’s raw talent and magnetic energy. The single is elevated even further by an accompanying music video that is nothing short of fire.

    What sets Kai Ca$h apart is his remarkable lyrical ability and command over interesting, dynamic melodies. As a true Brooklyn artist, he embodies the hustle and charisma that defines the borough’s music scene. His dedication to his craft is evident in every line he spits, and “Humble Af.” is no exception. The hook, in particular, ties everything together, leaving an indelible mark:

    “Humble and hungry as f*ck / do what I want when I want / whenever keep it 100 or better / united my n*ggas they coming together / no trouble / if so then it’s up for whomever / trust me I tell you.”

    With “Humble AF.” Kai Ca$h continues to solidify his position as a rising artist, capturing the essence of Brooklyn’s vibrant musical culture while pushing the boundaries of his own artistry. Peep the new video above.


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