brz’s’Your Favorite Abstraction!’ Is Fun & Thoughtful



    Making his debut on our page today, brz delivers his 4th EP, Your Favorite Abstraction!. At 4-tracks in length, the short offering joins several genres in a very experimental way, all with the expression of hip hop, but here we have a lot of electronic music, we have some trance, some drum & bass and even hard bass.

    The absolute highlight of Your Favorite Abstraction!, in my opinion, is definitely the production/instrumentals, as they are incredibly creative, unique, and enhance the overall tone/vibe of the EP quite a bit. The vocal performances given by brz is solid, but definitely needed the high quality production they accompanied in order to really make something great. The tracks are compelling and make me want to dive headfirst into the artist themself and the lyricism on these tracks, which, upon inspection, are very clever and socially aware. Whenever you hear brz come in, you get excited because you aren’t in the midst of yet another interlude. Stream the new EP down below via Spotify and head over here for your preferred streaming service.